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I already have a Goodreads account and a Tumblr book blog. I'm still not sure how I could use this platform fully, so, until further notice, this will be just backup, nothing more.


Scrum - P.D. Singer 52. SCRUM, BY P. D. SINGER

This one was recommended a loooooong time ago by Helena lesquatrechevrons. I only just read it now. I told you it would take me a while but I’d get to it ;)

I thought it would be a novel, but it’s actually a short story, so I won’t bother with the categories. It’s a really cute story that reads very much like fanfiction (good fanfiction). It’s funny, sexy, fluffy, and very satisfying. There’s very little sex, though, considering it’s smut.

She recommended it to me because it has rugby in it. It’s very well written (even if the rugby player in this is VERY versatile, playing as hooker, winger, kicker… but then, since it’s a semi-professional team, that wouldn’t be so weird). I just wish it were a bit longer…

Up next: Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters