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Tender Morsels - Margo Lanagan


Recommended by Maria. I have never read/heard the Snow White and Rose Red story; had never even heard about it before, to be honest. The only Snow White story I know is that one with the evil queen and the hunter. I’m a bit reluctant to try and read it now, because I’m afraid I might be too disappointed. This book set a really high bar…

Synopsis: After having a very difficult life, Liga is offered the opportunity to live in the world of her dreams. She raises her two daughters in there, protected from the world that has treated her so badly. But bears and dwarfs invade her safe haven, disturbing her peace.

Overall enjoyment: Like I said, I didn’t know the original fairy tale, so I didn’t have anything to compare it with. I did enjoy it immensely, though. It is very lyrical and full of sensitivity, even though it deals with heavy and disturbing ideas. The beginning was very hard to get through.

Plot: Even though the book is not really plot-driven, it is well supported. The true plot is actually the development of the characters and that is done beautifully. 

Characters: Amazingly complex and well rounded. Each one is a world within themselves. 

World/setting: She creates a magical land for Liga’s heaven that has a lot of fairy tale atmosphere to it. I love how she points out the flaws in it, too. It works beautifully with the counterpoint of the real world, which is ugly, and stinky, and violent, but real and complete.

Writing style: It’s almost poetry in prose form. Delightful to read.

Representation: Urdda is dark-skinned, although she suffers no prejudice for it. 

Political correctness: It is, basically, the story of Liga healing from her trauma and of how her daughters have been affected by her fears. It has wonderful elements to it.

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