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Tempting the Player

Tempting the Player - Kat Latham 43. TEMPTING THE PLAYER, BY KAT LATHAM (Book 3 of London Legends)

The latest installment of the London Legends series, and, finally, the one I hadn’t read yet.

Synopsis: Libby Hart, a 36 year old pilot with all her life planned out ahead of her, and Matt Ogden, the necessary hunky rugby player, are best friends. Matt needs to overcome his crippling fear of flying, and Libby seems like the perfect person to help. Along the way, they are forced to acknowledge their mutual attraction, which could damage their relationships and careers beyond repair.

Overall enjoyment: Oh, well... I think I’m growing tired of this series. It’s always basically the same thing, isn’t it? Maybe this reading challenge is making me more demanding of variety; after all, I have been reading very different books lately (different from what I usually read and different from each other). And this book is basically the same as the two before it, a very hot and desirable man who could have his share of groupies decides to try something different and go for a woman who is not as conventionally attractive, but who has a kind heart and is willing to take care of him; they fall in love, get married and proceed to have babies. The fault is really not with this book, it’s just as saucy, funny and emotional as the previous ones, I’m just not into it right now.

Plot: It was OK. Maybe a bit repetitive after the first books, but still well developed and connected.

Characters: Again, they were fine... And I have to add: they really were different from the characters in the first book, and you can tell their personalities apart, but they’re not THAT radically different, you know? Same skin color, same social strata, same neediness from the guys and caring from the women, the girls being insecure about how they would compare to all those other women the boys had slept with... *shrugs*

World/setting: Same old, same old.

Writing style: As always, it flows easily and is very pleasant to read. It picks up nicely during the naughty bits, too.

Representation: Nope.

Political correctness: Well, it’s really hard to discuss it when she basically tells the same story over and over again, isn’t it? And, of course, this book is full of her usual coddling the guy and excusing his behavior in sleeping with groupies, while at the same time viciously condemning said groupies' behavior for sleeping with him.

Up next: The Good Earth, by Pearl S. Buck