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Angelopolis - Danielle Trussoni ANGELOPOLIS, BY DANIELLE TRUSSONI (Book 2 of Angelology)

I read the first book in this series, Angelology, a few years ago, when it was first published. Honestly, I didn't like it enough to re-read it, but I thought I'd give the sequel a chance, especially since it ended in a major cliffhanger.

Synopsis: Ten years after the events told in Angelology, Verlaine is now an accomplished angelologist, and Evangeline hasn't been heard of. One day, she resurfaces, gives him one of the missing Fabergé eggs and stupidly lets herself be captures by their enemies. While trying to rescue her, Verlaine discovers a bunch of stuff.

Overall enjoyment: 0/10. THIS BOOK SUCKS. I finished because of the reading challenge, but otherwise, I would have given up within the first 20 pages. There wasn't one single thing to redeem it.

Plot: What plot? Things happen without rhyme or reason; there is no suspense or even a connecting thread. The events were contradictory and inconsistent, unforeshadowed, nonsensical.

Characters: Inconsistent, uninteresting, badly developed and two-dimensional. Those are the male characters, of course; the female ones are so ridiculous I wouldn't even consider them characters. They're more like appendages, or decoration.

World/setting: It's the same one from the previous book, of course. I found it interesting enough then, but it was stretched beyond reasonable limits in this one, with half-baked Biblical nonsense and a few Russian history facts thrown in to try and make it much more than it should be.

Writing style: Deplorable. She contradicts herself every five sentences. "She was instantly afraid." "She felt fearless." "He was attracted by the creature." "He was instinctively repelled by it." Did Trussoni forget how to write? Or maybe she couldn't meet the deadline and had to deliver a first draft. After reading this book, I can't even remember why I liked the first one.

Representation: Nonexistent, of course. Even though she talks about the origin of the human race, everybody is white. And there isn't a shadow of different sexualities, either. There is one particular angel that exudes an almost toxic sexuality and is irresistibly attractive, but women are incapable of being affected by her.

Political correctness: Urgh. I don't even want to start. The good part is that, since it's so disconnected and nonsensical, it can hardly be said that she delivers a message.

God, I hope the next one is better...

Up next: Deathless, by Catherynne M. Valente