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Legends II

Legends II - George R.R. Martin, Raymond E. Feist, Robin Hobb, Neil Gaiman, Elizabeth Haydon, Terry Brooks, Tad Williams, Robert Silverberg, Diana Gabaldon, Orson Scott Card, Anne McCaffrey I have this habit of creating an arbitrary to-read list and sticking to it no matter what. So, even though I have just read Legends I and realized that I might have enjoyed it more if I had read the fantasy series before that, I had to read this one now, even though I STILL haven't read the series to which these novellas belong. Oh, well.

HOMECOMING by Robin Hobb - 5 stars
When I started reading it, I actually thought I wouldn't like it. Boy, was I wrong... This was an absolute pleasure to read. The story is captivating, and the character development masterfully done. The Realm of the Elderlings was already on my to-read list, and now I can't wait to start reading it!

THE SWORN SWORD by George R. R. Martin - 4 stars
I have already read the Song of Ice and Fire books, and it was very nice to revisit the universe with this story. It still feels like a novelty to read something by him that has a clear ending... I found it interesting that this tale shows the summer as a harsh and unforgiving season. With the whole "winter is coming" thing from the books, you might forget that a summer that lasts for years would be just as troublesome as winter. I did think the "final resolution" of the situation was a bit obvious, and was actually surprised the characters hadn't realized it would be the best by themselves much sooner.

THE YAZOO QUEEN by Orson Scott Card - 1 star
I very much disliked Alvin Maker from the story I read in Legends I. I'm afraid this one confirmed my dislike. He's a typical Picaresque character, a man-child with too much power in his hands and not enough conscience. A very good friend of mine insists that this series is worth reading, so I will give it another shot, but so far it has failed to impress me.

LORD JOHN AND THE SUCCUBUS by Diane Galbadon - 3.5 stars
I suspect I would have enjoyed this one much more if I had been familiar with the rest of the series. Lord John Grey seems to be a very interesting character... I will definitely put the Outlander series and the Lord John spin-off in my to-read list. The only problem I had was that this didn't seem to be a fantasy story at all - maybe I'm missing some vital information because of my ignorance of the rest of the series. But I still liked it.

THE BOOK OF CHANGES by Robert Silverberg - 3 stars
A nice tale of Majipoor. I had already decided to read this series because of the story I read in Legends I, and this one confirmed it. It is not an outstanding fantasy story, but it's good enough to entertain, and the universe in which it's set seems fascinating.

THE HAPPIEST DEAD BOY IN THE WORLD by Tad Williams - 3.5 stars
I dearly wish I had read the books before reading this story. It seems to contain major spoilers... I also think it is more science fiction than fantasy. It is well-written and entertaining. I'll check out the Otherland saga whenever I can.

BEYOND BETWEEN by Anne McCaffrey - 4 stars
A very sad story. I would probably have found it even sadder had I read the books... I have a suspicion that Moreta is kind of a major character in at least one of them. I liked this story MUCH better than the one I read in Legends I, and I'm very glad to see Anne McCaffrey can write better than that. I'm very interested in the world of Pern, and I'll try to read the books in the near future.

THE MESSENGER by Raymond E. Feist - 2 stars
I haven't read the Riftwar series, except for this and the story in Legends I, so I imagine it must be very military-oriented. For both of the stories I've read, the invaders could very well be just humans from a far away land... The fact that they're aliens makes no difference whatsoever. And whenever someone writes a war/military story it always seems to be a subterfuge for not including female characters with any depth. This was a nice story, but I expected more.

THRESHOLD by Elizabeth Haydon - 1.5 stars
I just didn't buy Hector's blind obedience to his orders. Or the other guards'. It felt silly that they wanted to stay; it was obvious they had no reason to and should just go. I hope this was because the story was too short for enough character development, and that this kind of fault won't be present in the rest of the books... Because this universe seems interesting, and I would like to know more about it.

THE MONARCH OF THE GLEN by Neil Gaiman - 5 stars
I read American Gods and Anansi Boys a while ago, and I can't remember much of the details, but I do remember that I loved them. I adore the idea of ancient gods and monsters finding ways to survive in the modern world. This story was creepy, spooky, touching and sweet. I love Neil Gaiman.

INDOMITABLE by Terry Brooks - 3 stars
Reading this books description here on Goodreads I've discovered that this story is not exactly independent, as the others claim to be, but it's more of an epilogue to one of the books in the Shannara series. I thought it was very good, but there was a lot of information lacking, and I think there were many spoilers for the books. But I'll still read them, and I suspect I'll enjoy them too.