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Mad River (A Virgil Flowers Novel)

Mad River (A Virgil Flowers Novel) - John Sandford This book was not *quite* as good as the others. The series had been on an upward curve, and this one kinda dropped a little bit. Still not bad, and entertaining (as long as you like the genre, of course).

The element of mystery was missing in here, since you pretty much know what's happening all the time, so it's just thriller/suspense. Also, in the end it looses a bit of rhythm; the first 80% of the book are a mad dash around, with lots of stuff happening and a lot of urgency, and the last 20% are very slow. It is part of the whole story, and it fits with the plot, but it feels a lot like an anti-climax.

The theme is quite interesting, as the Virgil Flowers books usually are. Especially in light of Ferguson and all the police killings we have seen lately. It's an interesting reflection... But in spite of that (maybe because of that), the incidental sexism and racism, which I usually manage to overlook in his books, really bothered me in this one.