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Bad Blood: a Virgil Flowers novel

Bad Blood: a Virgil Flowers novel - John Sandford I've got to admit, that fucking Flowers is growing on me.
I thought the first three books in the series were good. Not incredibly great, but well-done efforts that would keep people who like suspense and thrillers entertained. This, however, was better than that, and it kept me turning the pages almost manically.
Sandford seems very keen on building up the tension to release it into one big, guns-blazing, bullets-flying, free-for-all confrontation in the end (not that I'm complaining, but if you don't like this sort of thing, stay away from his books). Unlike the first three books in the series, there wasn't a big element of mystery, since you know who are the villains and what is happening since the very start. Even so, the book keeps your attention from start to finish. It treats very polemic issues in a sensible and rational way, but without distancing from it and making it seem like something that only happens to other people. (Sorry for being so vague, I'm trying my best to avoid spoilers.)
The characterization was very nice too, and even though these books seem to have fallen into a pattern (a crime happens that is more than it appears to be, Virgil is called in, Virgil investigates, Virgil broadcasts information to get things going, Virgil involves himself with a woman during his investigation, the "villains" start feeling threatened by the investigation and make Virgil into a target, Virgil sets up an ambush, big shootout, the end), it is still interesting to see the variations.