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I already have a Goodreads account and a Tumblr book blog. I'm still not sure how I could use this platform fully, so, until further notice, this will be just backup, nothing more.

The Little Sister

The Little Sister - Raymond Chandler This book did have the delicious self-deprecating humor that is the main reason why I read these books. Still, I wasn't able to enjoy it...

I guess the formula is just getting old for me. The characters are so cliché that I will start looking for them as soon as I begin reading the book. "Oh, so this is the crooked cop!" "And here we have our femme fatale..." I know this is, in part, the mark of the genre, but I wish there was more. I wish noir authors would take better care and actually make an effort to develop their characters and plots.

At least these books are very short, so you can read them in one or two sittings. This book is good for a couple of hours of entertainment, but nothing more.